5 Bark Collar Reviews And Tips To Train Your Dog!

5 Bark Collar Reviews And Tips To Train Your Dog!

Nobody likes a barking dog. This is particularly true when it comes to our neighbors. If you’re in a relationship with an incessant barking dog, you’re who I’m aiming for with this article. These 5 bark collar reviews will teach you a high-tech way to train your dog to stop barking.

You can have a little or a lot of control over the process. While I personally recommend a very involved approach, there is a product in this bark collar reviews roundup that is almost entirely automated.

I won’t stop there, however. I’ll give you some tips and tricks about how to use bark collars. I’ll also tell you some ways to discourage your dog from barking, even without a collar.

** Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can click links above to see the current prices or read customer's reviews on Amazon.

Why Dogs Bark​

Do you ever hear your dog and ask yourself, what’s with all the barking? Dogs bark for a reason- several reasons, in fact!

Dogs bark to communicate. Your dog is probably barking to try to tell you something. When your dog is trying to express something to you, their barks will be specific. Additionally, your dog will stop barking when the situation is settled. That isn’t the case for incessant barking, however.​

Dogs bark for two basic reasons. The first reason dogs bark is because of a stimulus. This could be another dog barking. Your dog might bark when someone passes by the window.

Dogs also bark when they are hungry, bored, lonely, or stressed. This category of barking is a stimulus. Your dog is looking for you to do something.

​Some dogs bark uncontrollably, though. Dogs can even exhaust themselves barking. This isn’t good for you, the dog, or your friends and family.

If you think your dog is a problem barker, you can fix it. Offer gentle but the consistent correction to your dog when it barks.

Let me go over a few ways to do this.

Ways To Correct Barking Problem In Your Dog

There are several ways you can train your dog to stop barking. Each may or may not work for your particular dog. The key, however, is the consistent. Don’t give up on a method until you have tried it for 2-3 weeks to see if your dog finally shows improvement.

First, have a look at this video. It explains why dogs bark and also offers solutions for what to do if your dog is barking at noises inside your home.

Additionally, if you need more ideas to curtail barking, read on. One of these solutions might be right for you. After that, we’ll get to the bark collar reviews.

​The Penny Tin Or The Loud Noise

I’m not a fan of this method, but many people have had success with it. First, tell your dog to stop barking. You should let the dog bark a few times because barking is natural dog behavior. After all, you want to know when someone is close to the house or if your dog needs something.

Next, shake a container filled with marbles, pennies, or pebbles. The loud noise will surprise your dog. They will stop barking.

Try to distract your dog with anything you can think of. Don’t worry about reinforcing your dog’s behavior accidentally. The loud sound of the tin will be unpleasant and sever the connection between the bark and your toy or treat.

If your dog has an anxious personality, this can do more harm than good. I suggest watching your dog to see if it seems afraid of the noise from the tin. If you see fear in your dog’s reaction, try a new method.

Quite frankly, I have an anxious personality myself and this technique sets me on edge. One of my close friends used it to stop her border collie from barking out the window and it ultimately just made the dog and I a bit neurotic.

If you have a gutsy dog with a big personality, this might work out just fine for you, however.

Ignore It​

You can always try to ignore your dog’s barking. If you can truly provide no encouragement or reaction to your dog when it barks, it might stop. After all, it isn’t achieving its desired effect.

​Most dog owners know that it’s hard to completely ignore a dog, however. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you can’t master this suggestion. Walk away from the dog if it helps you ignore them.

​Demystify The Source

This is my favorite trick to use when it works.

Let’s say your dog barks at the mail carrier, for example. Try introducing the two of them!

If your dog barks at an inanimate object, let him investigate it. You may find the dog stops barking once he understands what that mystery thing was all about in the first place!

Make Your Dog Choose​

Your dog will stop barking if you make him do something that makes it impossible to bark anymore. You must be careful here, however. Food is an obvious first choice, but that may reward the barking. That is a cycle you don’t want to experience.

I want to relate this technique to something that is common in the companion parrot community. To stop a parrot from yelling, biting, or being generally naughty, you initiate something called laddering.

Laddering to a parrot is like sitting for a dog. The bird steps upward onto your finger over and over until you have its attention. This is done as a non-aggressive form of correction.

Therefore, if you tell your dog to lay down, sit, roll over, or shake hands while it is barking, it will probably stop barking.

A variation on this trick is to teach your dog the ‘be quiet’ command. Once your dog responds consistently to this command, you can use it during a barking episode. If all goes as planned, your dog will stop barking.

Get A Bark Collar​

The term bark collar refers to any device your dog wears that discourages him from barking. Some bark collars are activated by remote control and require the owner’s direct participation. Other bark collars respond automatically when your dog barks.

The term bark collar refers to any device your dog wears that discourages him from barking. Some bark collars are activated by remote control and require the owner’s direct participation. Other bark collars respond automatically when your dog barks.

That being said, bark collars can be a great tool to use to help your dog stop barking.

How Bark Collars Work​

Bark collars send a negative stimulus to dogs to stop problem behavior. In this case, your dog’s barking is unacceptable.

Bark Collars shouldn’t injure or scare your dog. They don’t even all cause an actual shock. Some bark collars will gently pulse your dog with a slight electric charge (you set the intensity) and some will flash lights to signal to your dog. Conversely, some bark collars sound a tone to tell your dog to cease barking.

Finally, some bark collars use a citronella mist to deter barking.

Let me address some misconceptions about bark collars:​

  • Bark collars are cruel.
  • Bark collars cause pain.
  • You are abusing your animal if you use bark collars or electric training collars.
  • A bark collar is a torture to your dog.

I recently wrote about the best training collars for dogs and went in-depth about e-collars. I’m going to briefly overview that for you now.

How To Use A Bark Collar or E-Collar Responsibly​

People can utilize electronic or bark collars to train dogs as one part of an extensive routine. Because training builds trust, you won’t scare your dog if you are consistent and nurturing at other times. Using other methods in combination with bark collars also helps.

You will build up a bond with your canine companion through playing together, sharing mealtimes, and grooming.

One of the ways to bond with your dog is through training them. They’ll feel more confident when they know you are top dog.

Find The Right Setting​

Before using any kind of bark collar or remote training device with your dog, pick the lowest possible setting. You are looking for a light vibration, pulse, or shock similar to static electricity. If your dog makes a sound when you correct him with the collar, the setting is too high! The purpose of the collar is to distract your dog.

When it comes to electronic collars and bark collars, less is more.

​Use When You’re Home Only

You are capable of making your own choices. I encourage you, however, to take any bark collar off your dog before you leave your home.

If your vet has different advice for you, follow their directions.​

What You Are Looking For

This video is very helpful because it shows exactly what kind of reaction your dog should have to the collar. Notice that this dog doesn’t cry or jump in pain. He looks annoyed and maybe surprised, but not harmed.

​How To Choose The Best Barking Collar

To pick the right collar you need to read bark collar reviews. This will help you compare and contrast the different types that are available.

To save you some time, I’ve gathered up 5 bark collar reviews for you. I’ll summarize each product below, together with pros and cons to help you pick.

Some of these collars are specifically sold as barking collars. Some are static shock training collars.​

1. Dogedu DU518DR1 Rechargeable Rainproof 350 Yard Remote Dog Training E-Collar

Via Amazon.com

This collar is a training collar. Therefore, it isn’t made to stop barking, specifically. It can be used to deter many dog behaviors.

The Dogedu collar is durable. The buttons are silicone. The units are rechargeable so no batteries are needed.

The unit is also water resistant, which is a real plus.


  • The Dogedu has a backlit display for easy operation in dim lighting.
  • There are so many correction options! There are 100 different correction levels and three training modes. This includes tone, vibration, and also shock.
  • This collar is geared toward clear reception with no interference and it is ready to use within 10 seconds.
  • Customers are secure because of the company’s 1 year replacement warranty.
  • It is water resistant.


  • The unit only reaches 350 yards. Honestly, this is probably fine for use as a bark collar. It is possible to purchase training collars with a longer reach, however.
  • It is not waterproof. The collar will be damaged if it is submerged in water.

2. PetTech Remote-Controlled Dog Shock Collar

Via Amazon.com

The PetTech shock collar is another multi-use, remote training collar. It is very feature rich and could be useful to dog owners for more than just incessant barking.

Additionally, it also has a warranty. It is always a great benefit to do business with a company that stands behind its products. Therefore, you don’t have to be afraid of normal wear and tear on this collar.


  • The long lasting battery charges fast. It will always be ready to go and will see you through hikes and trips to the park. It can help your dog to train them in the real world once you have gone over the basics a few times at home.
  • The PetTech has different methods of correction, including static stimulation, vibration mode, and audible tones.
  • This collar also has a backlit screen.
  • A single remote can control more than one collar. If you have two dogs, the PetTech can help you train both at the same time.
  • Enjoy the 100% manufacturer’s money back guarantee.


  • Remote control devices can have connection problems. This isn’t specific to this collar, but representative of all of these types of training collars.
  • This device is easy to use, but there are a lot of options and settings. Don’t be intimidated by that and press forward. Once you have the hang of it, you’ll be happy to have so many choices.

3. Remote Control Training Collar by Naturepets

Via Amazon.com

This training collar is more than just a collar. It is actually a whole training system. You’ll receive a training eBook and NFC dog tag with the collar.

It is also rainproof and rechargeable. That means it is durable and economical, as well. You won’t be replacing batteries all of the time.


  • The collar is safer for your dog because it is rainproof.
  • You can pick from 100 100 levels of vibration and 100 levels of static shock to get the right touch for your dog.
  • This collar also has a money back guarantee!


  • Pieces of the unit charge separately. Therefore, if you can afford to pick up more than one set, that will make use easier.
  • Many dog owners using this device avoid the shock correction feature. Therefore, it is difficult to know how well that feature works for dog owners in their homes. That being said, the tone and vibration features work on their own which is a nice feature.

4. Petiner Harmless No Bark Dog Training Collars

Via Amazon.com

Finally, I have a highly rated bark collar for you! This collar is specifically formulated to sense and correct your dog when he is barking. There are also some safety features that certainly make me feel better about this type of correction.

In fact, this is one of the highest rated bark collars available online according to customer satisfaction.


  • The updated model is sophisticated and able to accurately sense your dog’s barks.
  • There are 7 sensitivity levels and advice is given according to the breed of dog you own.
  • The system sets itself up automatically. You put the collar on your dog and it knows what to do.


  • The collar could potentially pick up other sounds.
  • The Petiner collar is easy to use, but that means it isn’t as customizable as the other collars in this bark collar reviews roundup.
  • Because the unit is so plug and play, there isn’t a reliable way to be sure it is working. There is an indicator light, but if that malfunctions, you’re left wondering.

5. Doggone Silent Dog Training Collar, Shock Collar with Remote

Via Amazon.com

The Doggone training collar has a lot of features and a lot of options. Therefore, it is one of the most customizable choices in a training collar. It is not specifically for barking, which means it has valuable functionality in the future.

If Fido ever goes through a peeing phase, you’re already covered.

I really like this one. Maybe you could tell that.


  • The way the product functions is simpler than some of the other collars. There are four correction methods. These include static shock, vibration, beep and also light. All together, that creates 16 levels of static shock and vibration stimulation options.
  • This unit also has a backlight for the LCD screen.
  • The remote can control up to two collars.


  • This is the only collar in the bark collar reviews that takes regular batteries. Some dog owners may like this, but owners who are training their dogs a lot may find this expensive.
  • Additionally, this collar’s range is only 300 yards.
  • Your dog must weigh 25 pounds to use this collar.

My Top Pick- The Best Bark Collar

Are you ready for my winning pick? It was a hard choice to make!

I believe the PetTech is the best purchase for the cost in this bark collar reviews roundup. I like this unit the best because it has a lot of features but is easy to use. In my opinion, it is more valuable to you as an owner to take some time to learn how to use this training tool than to wish a simpler collar you own had more features later.

Many dog owners do seem to like the Petiner, I am concerned about a few things with this collar. I like to be more hands-on when training my dogs. I don’t believe that the dogs should wear the collar all day and that I should just check out of the training process.

That kind of approach won’t build a strong bond or any respect between my dog and I.

Hey, let me know what you think! Do you use bark collars to prevent your dog from problem barking? Do you have any other bark collar reviews I should check out? Share your experiences, both positive and negative, in the comments below.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Please share this article with your fellow dog owners. It may help them out, and I love helping pet lovers give their animals a better life.

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Thanks again and good luck with your dog’s barking! Let me know how the training goes.


Lauren is a young woman with a true passion for animals. She has kept many pets over the years and has intimate knowledge of their needs both emotionally and physically. She loves that her dogs keep her so active and satisfy her desire to spend lots of time in nature.

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