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The Best Dog Toys for Small Dogs Your Pet Will Love to Play

Are you wondering what the best dog toys for small dogs are? If so, you have come to right place. I list below top 4 dog toy picks for our small family member.

Check out my selections below:

1. Kong Puppy Goodie Bone

Kong Puppy Goodie Bone

This item is specifically suitable for your small to medium dogs. It has a 4-star rating on Amazon and has positive reviews from over 100 customers.


Perfectly suitable for puppies and small dogs who love to chew. It comes handy as a chew toy, or you can fill with kibble and some other special Kong filters. It also comes in a variety of colors and sizes depending on your dog’s preference.


Since this product is specifically useful only for small dogs, keep in mind that there are some small dogs which might be an aggressive chewer as well. There are some reviews stating that some small dogs with aggressive chewing manage to rip this toy off. So you must consider the aggressiveness of your dog.

The Verdict:

For small dogs, it would be an ideal toy. Not a product for large and aggressive chewers. I would suggest this toy for puppies as it’s made of quality material and serves the purpose well.

2. Mavel Large Toy for Puppies

Mavel Large Toy for Puppies

Rope toys are becoming popular when it comes to dog toys. With nearly 300 customer reviews and a 4.5-star rating on Amazon, check out this product’s key specifications as well as its pros and cons.


Puppies love to play with ropes. This product is perfect for playing a gentle game of tug. They can also carry around while playing and chewed as well. It’s the perfect toy for your puppy if he’s an aggressive chewer. It can indeed help correct bad biting behavior. It’s made up of polyester exterior and cotton interior. So it is durable and long lasting, and will satisfy almost all breeds.


Ropes are fairly hard but not that indestructible. Therefore, it can be broken down very quickly especially for dogs showing signs of aggressiveness even as puppies. Be careful in watching your small dog when he/she is playing with it. They might be happy to pull it apart and dismantle the rope.

The Verdict:

If you have more time, this product can be perfect for you and your dog play with it. A one-on-one tug might not be a bad idea. It will not only take the rope out and reduce the wear and tear time. But it can also be a good time for you and your dog to bond and enjoy your time together.

3. Kong Puppy Toy

Kong Puppy Toy

With nearly 2,000 customer reviews and a 4.3-star rating on Amazon, this product is one of the most popular dog toys available today. Check out its pros, cons, and reasons why most customers love this product.


It is made with exclusive teething rubber formula, which is safe for small dogs and puppies alike. This product also aids in crate training as well as helps in decreasing separation anxiety. It also helps promote proper chewing behavior, especially for teething puppies. Its uneven shape has an unpredictable bounce, perfect for your small pooch during fetch games.


Make sure to stuff it with some food. If not, your dog might tend to lose interest while playing with it because they cannot rip it apart. It will just make noises.

The Verdict:

When it comes to durability, this product is highly suitable not only for small dogs but even for some aggressive chewers as well. It can also be tough and safe enough to be left in your small dog’s crate even without supervision.

4. Nylabone Puppy Key Ring

Nylabone Puppy Key Ring

Here’s another popular small dog toy available in Amazon. It has over 600 customer reviews and has a 4-star rating. Here are its good features.


Nylabone Puppy Key Ring is soft enough for your puppy or small dog to enjoy chewing it. Also, there are lots of moving parts which make a sound when this product is shaken. And we all know toys that make good sounds are always fun for puppies, small dogs and even large ones. It can be a perfect toy for playing interactive games such as throwing, the gentle game of tugs as well or fetching.


This toy cannot be stuffed with food in it, though variety is good. Also, it can’t be torn up which dogs love to do with their toy.

The Verdict:

This product might be one of your best choices when it comes to toys for small dogs. Its irregular shapes, as well as its textures, provide different choices of surfaces and feelings when chewing. Just try to rotate the toys in case you want some variety.

Final Verdict:

Overall, these four items on our list will make a good option for your dog to play with. However, two products stand out among other items. Products such as Kong Puppy Toy as well as Nylabone Puppy Key Ring are almost perfect for small dogs and puppies who wants to play. Also, they are good for your dogs to play with even under minimal supervision.

What To Look For When Buying Toys For Small Dogs?

  • Toys must be soft enough to provide relief and tough enough to last. However, it must also not be too hard for it might damage the sensitive gums of your dog especially the small ones.
  • It must be shatterproof. The toy must also not break into pieces. Otherwise, costly surgery can be the result of ingesting toys broken down into small fragments.
  • Most dogs have different likes and dislike. So you might want to try different shapes and textures as well. When they become too familiar with the toy, they might lose interest in it very easily. Also, if your dog hasn’t seen the toy for a few days or weeks, it will be more likely to appear new to them.
  • Make sure the toys you buy are appropriate size for your dog’s breed. We all know a toy for a Chihuahua might not be an appropriate toy for a Great Dane puppy. So be careful in selecting the perfect toy according to your dog’s size.
  • Invest in tasty chews, but not all the time. Chewing is something dogs can do almost all day. Also, there are lots of toys that are edible these days. Perfect to stuff with different goodies to keep your small dog happy.

Keep your dog’s interest in mind by doing the following:

  • Regularly rotating toys in and out of use
  • Popping toys in the freezer
  • Stuffing toys with treats
  • Keep puppies happy by purchasing interactive toys

Toys You Need To Avoid:

  • Cheap toys with squeakers. Although not all squeaky toys are dangerous, still the cheap ones can pose certain health risks. They can be easily torn apart and if eaten by your pooch, might endanger their lives.
  • All dog toys should be BPA free. We all know BPA is a chemical which can be harmful when swallowed even in small quantities. And these dangerous chemicals can be found in some cheaper toys including our dog toys. Also, American Kennel Club suggests all pet owners to select which toy is suitable for your dog carefully.
  • Dog toys which are too small for your dog breed. Small breeds need the right toy that suits their size.
  • Toys for children or charity shop toys. Just because the toy is inexpensive doesn’t mean you should compromise the safety of your pet dog. Yes, you might want to try to save a few dollars. But think of its effect to you dogs in the long run.
  • Avoid toys that look like household items. For instance, buying your small dog a cute rubber slipper to chew on is a bad idea. Why? Simply because when they cannot find it, they will be trained to chew on your shoes. So it is important to avoid toys that look like a shoe, TV remote, slippers or cushion.

In Conclusion:

Purchasing a perfect toy for your pet should not be that expensive. When you have knowledge about what and what not to buy, you are good to go.

One of the best advice is to purchase a few items with different colors, shapes, and sizes.Be careful when looking for cheap ones for they can be such a real false economy.Choosing the right toys for your pet can keep your sanity and home intact.

Spending on cheap ones, on the other hand, will cost you more in the long run. However, it doesn’t need to be that costly enough as long as your dog gains any pleasure playing with it.Always look for dog toys with great reviews or those who offer discount rates. You may also want to ask your friends for some advice on where to buy toys for small dogs.

I hope that my list of items above helps you in deciding which one is best suitable for your dog. If you have questions, or maybe something you like to share, please do not hesitate to tell us. Write down your comment below, and I would love to hear your thoughts.

The Best Dog Toys for Small Dogs Your Pet Will Love to Play
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