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How to Make a Dog Bandana Without Sewing in 10 Easy Steps

You can touch your dog's heart in two practical ways: food and attention. While my Dalmatian has never been a dog that digs into fancy dress, I've found a safe way to add a pop of color - the good old doggy bandana.

Creating a scarf or bandana is a swift and simple project to add some new stuff to your pet's wardrobe. Bandana indeed comes handy to dress your dog for any event and fastens around the dog’s neck, so your pet is sure to be in style always.

If you have opposing thumbs or don't know how to sew, and wondering how to make a dog bandana without sewing, then you've come to the right place.

This could just be the simplest DIY we will ever post!

How to Make a Dog Bandana Without Sewing in 10 Easy Steps

Here's a very fast (under ten minutes) and super simple DIY craft that you can do, and it needs nothing more than a piece of fabric and a pair of pinking shears. It's highly cost efficient and requires very little effort from you. Making a dog's bandana with pinking shears is an easy way that doesn’t require needles, thread or a sewing equipment. You can purchase the fabric, or give a new purpose to some past-best fabric available in your house like an old shirt, or even a tablecloth.

How to Make a Dog Bandana Without Sewing in 10 Easy Steps

Here’s how to do it in Detail:

To make a dog bandana, here’s what you’ll require:

  • Fabric (You can either buy a yarn of the material printed/plain or use an existing piece of cloth that's washed and clean)
  • Pinking Shears or Scissors
  • Measuring tape/ruler/Your dog's collar
  • Hem tape/Iron
  • Embellishments/flowers
How to Make a Dog Bandana Without Sewing in 10 Easy Steps

Before you start, choose how you’ll put the bandana on your pet. You can either go for a Tie-back bandana or the one that can be tied with a string.

For the tie-back model, take a measuring tape to estimate your dog’s neck length loosely. This measure will be the width of your cloth. On the other hand, for the string model, measure your pet’s collar length (don't include the buckle).

Place the fabric or cloth flat on a table. Using a ruler, just draw a line that's similar to the length of the measurement you took in the above step. After which, draw a vertical line around the edges of two sides of your first line. Ensure it measures two inches down.

Now locate the center point on the actual horizontal line for the length. Draw a mark that's the length of the bandana, less three inches. For instance, my length was 11.5 inches, so the height mark was at 8.5.

Sketch a straight line from the vertical line you drew to the above-said center point mark. Repeat the same on the reverse side. Now, you’ll have a triangle form and the rectangle form at the top of the collar).

After drawing your dog's bandana outline, take sharp pinking shears or scissors to cut along the length. Remember, the edges can be a bit rumpled, so be careful. You’ll require two of these bandana shapes. So after making one out, handle it as a template to trace and cut the second one.

Wrap over the top rectangle on the two fabric pieces. Make a crease where it's easy to fold over or take the iron to crease the cloth. On one piece of cloth, put iron hem tape in the cloth backside and folded upper top. You can use the hem tape directions to adhere the parts together.

After attaching the pieces, put another piece of hem tape on top of the piece you just attached. Now line up the ends of the “hemmed” section and non-hemmed part, flipping the latter part over.

Now, line up creases carefully to attach the two pieces of bandana together. And, drop an open flap among the folded over section of the second part and the rest of the cloth. Just iron hem tape to attach.

Here’s how to do if you wish to go with the string model. Use a string measured to match your pet’s neck in between the non-hemmed top pieces before proceeding. Now resume “hemming” the ends of the sides of the bandana. Just put a piece of hem tape on the inner section of the bandana while wrapping the edge over up to 0.5 inches to form a fine hemline.

Once the bandana is perfectly hemmed around the ends, glue any decorations or just iron the initials of your pet's name. Then tie the bandana around your dog’s neck, while ensuring it's not too tight.

Now your pet has a unique new bandana to show off, so take him out for a walk and let him flaunt.

How to Make a Dog Bandana Without Sewing in 10 Easy Steps

Here's how to do it in Short:

Cut a triangle (1/2 square on a diagonal or in the form of a right-angled isosceles triangle). Just ensure the long edge (the diagonal cut) is long enough to tie easily around your dog's neck and some extra to tie up a little knot. If you aren't good at guessing about the length of the fabric you need to cut, then use a collar as a measuring scale or just loosely measure your dog's neck. Don't forget to consider a little extra for tying. Pinking shears come in handy as it helps diminish fraying without the necessity to sew the edges. Just cut and you're done!

You can also watch these videos:

Extra Tips:

  • Remember the bandana is not intended to be used in place of a permanent collar. It’s just a fun outfit for your dog to wear at times.
  • The No-sew bandanas aren't made to be tough and long lasting, so machine wash could pull apart the embellishments and adhesions.

I hope this article comes handy when you wish to make a new no-sew bandana for your dog. Let me know in comments how it went.

How to Make a Dog Bandana Without Sewing in 10 Easy Steps
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